All product information scanned from product packaging is provided by product manufacturers listed below.

Available Products

Listed below are Haemophilia products whose packaging can be scanned using the Haemtrack app.

Advate Takeda *
ADYNOVI Takeda *
Benefix rIX Pfizer
Elocta SOBI
Emicizumab (ACE 910) Roche
Esperoct Novo Nordisk
FEIBA Takeda *
Idelvion CSL Behring
NovoEight Novo Nordisk
NovoSeven Novo Nordisk
Refacto AF Pfizer
Refixia Novo Nordisk

* = Formerly known as Baxter. Scanning enabled for both brand names.

Haemtrack Parser

Haemtrack Parser is a module used by the Haemtrack mobile apps when scanning product packaging. When a 2D Matrix code (printed on Haemophilia product packaging) is scanned using the Haemtrack mobile app, it is sent to the Haemtrack Parser which processes the scan and provides the app with all the relevant information to store as part of a treatment.

Why can I not see my Product in the Haemtrack App?

The Haemtrack app comes pre-loaded with Haemophilia products available in the UK. As new products are released, the list on your app will become out of date. There are 2 ways to keep your list of products up to date :

  • Scanning the code on the box on the product you use in recording your daily treatment.
  • Synchronising your product list.

For more information and a guide on how to synch your product list please download our instruction guide here.


You can view a demo video of barcode scanning with Haemtrack, here.


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